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We write to endorse, enthusiastically and wholeheartedly,

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

for President of the United States.


Our endorsement comes not after lip service or political pandering, but from the hundreds of conversations with Black women GNC/NB folks across the country, substantive discussions about policy and the power of grassroots organizing, and the opportunities and limitations of election politics. After gathering in fourteen cities across the United States and collecting hundreds of survey responses from self-identified progressive Black women and GNC/NB folks, the overwhelming majority of excitement and support is for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 

We endorse Senator Warren with the full weight of accountability. Our endorsement is not a blanket approval of all of her acts, both past, present, and future but rather a firm and calculated understanding that should she fall short of her commitments to us and our communities she will be held to account.

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In response to Black Womxn For community members, Senator Warren has agreed to

1. Accountability, not Perfection specifically, an accountability process that includes naming the harm, accepting responsibility, outlining steps to make those who are negatively impacted whole and changes in behavior. This process will be outlined and ratified at a People’s Policy-Making Summit in collaboration with community organizers and grassroots leaders,

2. Act With Moral Leadership, devoting money, staffing resources, and the bully pulpit towards rooting out the culture of white supremacy, exploitation and misogynoir in all areas of our society,

3. Hold a People’s Policy-Making Summitt in the first 100 days of her administration that puts Black women, working people of color, disabled people, indigenous people and diverse community leaders and experts in the driver's seat of the structural reforms she is will enact. People most impacted by systems of oppression know the solutions and should be central to crafting policy change,

4. Changing the Face of the Federal Government by applying a race and gender equity impact analysis when hiring for her transition team and administration and appointing more Black women, especially trans and immigrant women, Black men, indigenous people, people of color and disabled people

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